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Monday, 12 October 2009

The Benefits of NLP Training

The Benefits of NLP Training

NLP or Neuro-Linguistics is a way to understand how we think, influence and change. The main benefit of NLP is not that you can remember particular techniques - although these are highly beneficial. Instead, the key benefit is that through NLP, you can move towards the things that are important to you in life.

NLP can help you to unlock skills that you may already have but that are not fully developed. It can also help you to communicate, connect with and influence others.

Normally, the types of people that come to an NLP trainer or coach are capable people who have decided that they want to achieve more than they are currently experiencing. Others find that they’ve temporarily hit a ‘glass ceiling’, which has created an obstacle to their progression in their professional or personal life.

There are many established applications of NLP that demonstrate its benefits:

For Business and Organisations

Communication, thinking and the capacity to manage change are essential ingredients in the leadership and management of organisations. Specific skills developed through the application of NLP include Leadership, Coaching, Sales, Managing Change, Presenting and Influence.

There are two particular applications where NLP approaches demonstrate a particularly high impact. The first is Coaching and Mentoring and their relationship with Performance Modelling.

When you model exceptional performers, you are in fact coaching them. This is because you’re letting them ‘unpick’ what they’re doing now to product greater results and bringing some of what they do now into their own consciousness. Most high performers will immediately then begin to identify and improve areas of weakness.

However, at the same time, you are increasing your personal library of performance models that may be applicable at a later stage to others that are yet to be high performers. The greater number of high performance models or approaches you have, the better your coaching capability will be at all levels of performance.

The second area of particularly high impact for the application of NLP is when change teams are fully trained and coached in these skills. In the short term, this may mean that the initial challenge, resistance and pain of change are increased because key issues will become highlighted earlier. However, approached in way, the change will be much more effective.

For Personal Challenges: Smoking, Weight Loss, Apparent Lack of Confidence and Unfounded Fears.

When a client is strongly motivated, NLP offers successful strategies and techniques for all of the challenges listed above. While some of these challenges do take a significant investment of time and effort to overcome, with others, clients move forward to towards what they want to achieve almost immediately.

For Entertainment

Entertainers such as Derren Brown and Paul McKenna include NLP in their performances. Using NLP helps to add excitement, curiosity and intrigue to their television programmes and live shows, helping to keep their audiences engaged and entertained. NLP approaches such as Leading States, Storytelling, Awareness, Anchoring and Fractionation add impressive abilities to anyone who entertains and presents for a living.

Anyone who helps others to change has at least a toe in the entertainment industry. If you can get someone who has a problem to smile (just for a moment) as they consider their options, their attitude to the problem, is likely to change.

For Attraction, Seduction and Relationships

Some people seem to intuitively understand the rules of attraction, seduction and relationships. Others appear completely unaware and therefore entirely unable to use them to their advantage. For some men, particularly approaching and talking to women can be a scary experience.

NLP approaches can provide some surprisingly effective insights and resources for individuals to aiming to attract, seduce and/or build relationships.

Interestingly, many of the best sales training programmes currently available, are a combination of attraction techniques and NLP approaches.

For Sporting Achievement

Sports people can experience significant developments in their performance by applying NLP. By setting motivating and exciting goals, modelling their own successful performance and modelling other top performers, sporting individuals can see considerable impact on their results.

For General Personal Change and Development

Many people come to NLP looking for assistance with a specific change and stay on to learn more because of the personal change and development that they’ve achieved through it. By exploring NLP, they learn to communicate with and understand themselves much better. Whilst concurrently, they communicate and understand better with those around them. Over time, this leads to ongoing and positive change in their lives.

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